Why do we recommend synthetic gossip?

What are the features that distinguish the artificial turf from the natural turf:
1- It does not need irrigation at all, unlike the natural one, which consumes huge amounts of water
Which can be provided to irrigate more areas of trees and flowers
2- There is no need to extend irrigation networks at high costs, as is the case with natural grass
3- There is no need to cut, maintain and fertilize it, whether using equipment, machinery or labor
Humanity , This is the opposite of normal, which needs constant care, which constitutes a huge and costly burden.
4- The consistency of its color and the uniformity of the length of the (hair), unlike the natural one, which needs to be periodically cut, and it is very difficult to unify its color

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5- It is easy to install and does not need a long period of time to grow, as is the case with normal.
In just hours, we can cover large areas of it
6- It is placed on various floors, whatever the type of surface, whether rocky or rocky surfaces
Saline soil and near the shores of the sea, unlike natural, which requires a certain type of soil that is not widely available
7- The strength of bearing all weather factors and its changes and its suitability to the most extreme climatic conditions
Whether heat, high or low humidity, strong winds and harsh use,
In contrast to the natural, which is affected by changes in weather and weather
8- Long life span of up to five years,
Unlike the case of natural grass, which needs to be renewed annually
9- Covering much more areas with artificial turf and at lower costs compared to turf
The natural, which, due to the costs of irrigation and maintenance, is grown only in important areas
10- The possibility of planting trees and flowers inside the artificial grass without any problems
11- Not many people can walk on the natural grass, especially after irrigation
Due to the turning of the earth into mud, it hinders the passersby with mud
Thus, this leads to the lack of cleanliness of roads and corridors, the opposite of industrial, which remains
Clean all the time, even if flooded and rained
12- The possibility of using artificial turf for different floors in the buildings (terrace, balcony, Roof)
Unlike the natural, which needs to insulate the floor below and special conditions that must be provided to grow appropriately
13- Artificial turf does not attract insects, as is the case with natural turf, in which they multiply and cause
Constant inconvenience to homeowners with gardens

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