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What is synthetic turf and how is it made?

What is synthetic turf and how is it made?
The artificial turf will consist of a few important needs that you must know and must be aware of, the standard specifications of each stadium.
The first thing is “stickers and tapes”, and of course it is known from their name that they are the products that we use to glue the artificial grass rolls together. Many people sell cheap artificial grass and provide the sticky and tape and bring any adhesive and advertising banner and use it to stick the rolls and after a week of receiving the stadium you find the rolls are starting to fall apart Some of must know that the glue that comes to you has these specifications: a picture of the descriptions
As for the tape, this will be a cloth strip that has a smooth surface and a slightly rough surface, and this is an example of a tape.
We come to the biggest problems of the stadium, which is the rubber bands. These are the rubber granules with which the synthetic turf is filled, and they will be granules of 1-3 mm.
The standard quantity for the five-a-side stadium will be about 5 tons, and if the rapper quantity is less than 5 tons, the stadium will slide and cause many injuries to the players.
Finally, the fine glass sand “silicone” will have a quantity of sand on the five-a-side pitch of about 30 tons, and it is impossible for this quantity to decrease in the five-a-side artificial grass pitch.

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Very important note: The silicone sand covers about 3 cm of the hair and the tape covers about 1 – 1.5 cm of the hair and it should not be less or more.
This is how we have finished the components of the artificial gospel. If you have any questions, write to us in a comment and we will reply to you
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