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What does a land scape mean?

What does land scape mean?
Landscaping means artificial grass that looks exactly like natural grass in color and texture, and this is what Green Grass offers you. I know the difference between landscapes from Green Grass and the landscapes in Egypt, whether Turkish or Egyptian in terms of hair by the hair of Green Grass Soft, I mean, it does not cause any Pain or injuries to the foot, and at the same time, its colors are sweeter and brighter, and you feel that they are seriously natural, and the thing will continue with you with a guarantee of 10 years, not like the one in the market … I know the difference before you buy

Advantages and a quick comparison of artificial grass – landscape:
Evergreen throughout the year with different weather and seasons.
Resistant to sunlight and UV rays
As it is made of ethylene treated against sunlight.
Resistant to various weather conditions
As well as resistant to temperature up to 60 degrees Celsius.
Does not require cutting or trimming.
Ease and speed of installation.
It does not change its color or shed hair over time and is not affected by its frequent use.
It does not require maintenance and follow-up as much as the follow-up scheduled on the grass
The maintenance work is very few, as it is limited to cleaning the grass
And combing it to return to the status quo and maintenance does not take only a few hours.

Description :

Noting that the natural grass:
It costs a lot of money and a lot of attention and consideration, for example
Cutting and the uses of chemicals, which helps to waste water greatly
And no matter how much you take care of him, in the end,
You must find dry and withered areas, which is a very suitable environment for the presence of insects and mosquitoes
The floors are affected after the land is irrigated, so the best choice is the artificial turf.

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