Types of wall grass

Types of wall grass
Because we crave green nature, especially products that bring comfort into our lives
It is made in green. Even if there are no trees or similar plants in
our gardens, The artificial turf and wall turf, They are known as artificial nature.
Recently artificial turf is used in our life in wall coverings
Or when you want to cover an area
The grass is not affected by weather conditions and its image is reminiscent of nature and is used
For security purposes as well. They do not require care like normal plants.
When thickly applied wall grass gives the impression that the building
Built with grass. When you rest in your garden, It gives you a comfortable feeling.
Sometimes we like to cover our gardens, sometimes we like to create a private space
In our homes, sometimes we like to create a green space in our balconies. to carry
Soil to buildings is a difficult matter, and the process of watering plants is not easy
like that. We will offer you a product that will make you feel like you are in nature without the need for this
Things, what is this product in your opinion? He definitely has this Green Grass Group
The product helps us cover places that we do not want to reveal and also gives
Feeling green all year round

Description :

Natural grass needs maintenance, while this grass wall does not need maintenance.
Because it is easy to maintain and clean, this is a very important advantage. This product is also used in
Covering roofs, construction sites, building facades, cafes, balcony edges and sides
roads and around buildings. You can use it to achieve the decoration you want.

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