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Turkish acrylic pitches 0.5-1.5 mm thickness

Product specific features:
– Durability
Perfect cost
Weather resistant
– impermeable to water
– Finished product thickness of 2.5: 4 mm upon request.
– Resistant to friction and ultraviolet rays.
– Its colors are bright and multi-colored 4 colors.
Preventive maintenance only.

Description :

Flooring Technical Specifications
First: – Replacing the soil with a depth of 25 cm, while raising the waste to public dumps.
Second: Supplying and spreading a layer of Dakshoum (6), thickness of 15 cm, with compaction with the necessary equipment and tools, according to the principles of workmanship.
Third: Supplying an asphalt floor, thickness of 8 cm, or concrete floor thickness of 10 cm, according to agreement.
Fourth: Supplying and installing a tomato around the stadium.
All acrylic products used are American, German or Turkish.
an introduction
It is a product of colored acrylic materials according to the customer’s wishes. It is a multi-purpose product for outdoor use that is resistant to sunlight, abrasion, terrestrial, anti-skid and water-resistant
The product is supplied and installed on a completely flat floor of concrete (asphalt) or cement concrete with complete level and inclinations in the direction of drainage. The product consists of several according to the calculation of the required thickness.
First class :
It is the primer layer, which is a layer of acrylic mixed in a special way to fill the pores in the existing floor and treat any existing defects.

second layer:
It is the surface layer, which is a layer of acrylic mixed in a special way with silica flower powder to obtain a completely flat surface and receive the next layer.

Third layer:
It is the bricot layer, which is a layer of acrylic mixed with silica and silica flower according to the thickness required to give a flat and solid floor that can withstand friction and ground.

Fourth layer:
A layer of raw acrylic paint in the desired color for the final surface of the floor and covering the previous layers.

It is done in white or in the desired color of acrylic material that is resistant to various weather factors and is planned according to the required standards

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