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Landscape is used to cover all types of spaces as an alternative to natural grass
It is used in the construction of green areas in front of villas and palaces that require the appearance of natural grass
It is used in places where it is difficult to establish natural grass and where there is little water or a lot of salinity, whether it is water or land
It is used around fountains and waterfalls that consist of hard floors as a decoration
It can also be added to endor plants and used around shade plants
It is also used around swimming pools, which increases the beauty and splendor of the place

Description :

Its features:
It is characterized by the stability of color and shape without the need for care. Where it is considered a typical alternative to all the problems of the natural gossip
It is also characterized by its resistance to atmospheric factors and weather changes. The hairs are not plucked from their roots.
It is also easy and quick to install.
It is also characterized by not being harmful to the environment in the case of its manufacture, such as FIFA specifications.
Its low cost.
Low maintenance.
Ease and speed of installation.
Resistance to weather factors and its changes.
Not changing its color or pulling out the hair from its roots over time

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