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The legal space of the five-a-side stadium

Five-a-side football field
The international legal area of the five-a-side stadium: 22 * 42 square meters, which means the total legal area of the five-a-side stadium is 924 square meters, and the track is (50-100) cm is the most appropriate space for international five-a-side football fields within the FIFA laws and the stadiums have a capacity for players about 5-6 people per One team.

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Another important area that must be discussed is the legal space according to some countries, such as Egypt, for example. The five-a-side pitch: 18 * 38 square meters, and this will be a total area of 684 square meters, and the area is about 50 cm, which is considered the area approved by the Egyptian Ministry of Youth and Sports, and the capacity of the stadium is 5 people maximum per team

As for the average area of the five-a-side artificial turf pitches, which is 20 * 40 square meters, with a total of 800 square meters, and it is compatible with the area of the international legal five-a-side pitch, and the area of the track is about 50 cm. The stadium has a capacity of about 5 people per team

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