Learn more about artificial grass fields

Learn more about artificial grass fields
Specialists in lighting sports stadiums can determine the type of good lighting and benefit from it as much as possible. One of the most important conditions for the quality of lighting for sports stadiums, especially artificial grass fields, is the intensity of equal lighting, which is distributed to all parts of the stadium floor. So that there is almost no darkness in almost every spot in it, with the need to avoid the problem of changing the color of the lighting in some searchlights, such as white lighting, which tends to yellow, which causes confusion for players and leads to eyestrain for players or spectators. This must be taken into account at the time of preparing the lighting of sports stadiums and the need Any shades for columns or towers in the stadium, in order to preserve the safety of the players and the performance of refereeing in the matches.
And we can take the Cairo International Stadium as one of the experiments in the field of lighting equipment for sports stadiums.
In this sports stadium, the lighting consists of four towers whose height is approximately 35 meters from the ground. At the top of each tower, a group of lighting fixtures were distributed in a professional manner to cover all aspects of the stadium.

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Usually, the intensity of the headlights is high in order to be clear, but it is noticeable that the lighting of the stadium is somewhat weak, and this appears in a clear way, and this defect appears very much during television photography, as well as the shadows that appear from the towers and players and the movement of the ball and others on the outskirts of the stadium.
The stadium is semi-rectangular. However, there are towers on the corners of the stadium, which prevents the lighting of the headlights from being distributed in a good way. These defects appear through the process of directing the side cameras. These defects appear clearly, but in order to solve this problem, specialists in lighting Al-Marrih Sports Stadium must install two towers on each side Even it is called to reduce the number of lighting units on each tower and distribute them on the side towers in an equal manner so that the intensity of lighting increases in this case.
About 4 headlights are installed on each tower. The headlights are either meta-light or LED headlights.
Recently, LED headlights have spread in a large way, and this has led to their easy installation and the absence of components inside them that are difficult to install, such as metallic.
Experts recommend using LED headlights due to their ease of maintenance and the quality of their lighting, which does not have any yellowing, in addition to the good price for them in the Egyptian market.
As for connections, it is recommended to use copper electrical wires and make a main cutter, in addition to a cut-off switch for each searchlight.

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