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Landscape – What is the

What is the landscape
Many people think that the landscape is just planting and trees or grass, but this is wrong information
Simply, the landscape is the coordination and beautification of the site, and the landscape is divided into two types:
The hardscape includes the works of: Land leveling – boroughs – walkers – pergolas – lakes –
Waterfalls – fountains – lighting – electricity and irrigation networks.
Softscape includes works: Agriculture in general (trees – shrubs – hedges – climbers
– Flowers – Green areas -… etc.)

Description :

We start with “Green Grass with surveying works, and after that they do the conceptual design of the site and after that.”
The owner agrees to the design, and the engineers start signing the drawings on the ground
The complete preparation of the stadiums requires a lot of work and extraordinary effort so that we can reach the end
For shape, quality and material that will last with you for as long as possible
Special offers and prices for schools
Green Grass Company
We offer all our valued customers the best offers
Stadium preparation services
Management, operation and construction of stadiums
Equipping sports facilities and their accessories

Because we specialize in the construction of acrylic stadiums and tartan stadiums
Also approved by the European Union and FIFA
We also offer our valued customers installation and supply services
– Industrial Landscape
– artificial turf
As well as equipping and constructing swimming pools

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