Installments over 6 months, pay using Visa while you are at your place

If you don’t have a garden next to your house, keep your garden above your house

If you don’t have a garden next to your house, keep your garden above your house
Landscape (artificial turf) for rooftops, change the roof of your house and make it a place
The most joyful time in which you rest and worry about the sun or the rain of our landscapes, the color of which does not change
And it will not be affected by the rain because it has water drainage holes. We have a Turkish and Spanish landscape with the finest hair
The most powerful thing with a 5-year guarantee. Different hair lengths and densities are available, starting from 3 cm to
5 cm, but let us know the space you need, and the rest will be on us

Description :

* Free preview anywhere
* Actual warranty with an approved warranty certificate.
* At wholesale price, challenge and precedent, we worked talking
* A technical staff of engineers trained at the highest level in implementation and supervision is not a brokerage job
* The best types of artificial turf, Emirati, Turkish and new Dutch-origin landscapes
Full readiness to implement all projects inside and outside the Arab Republic of Egypt
* Competitive prices in all fields of artificial turf and landscaping
* Minimum turnaround time
For universities, schools, nurseries, companies and sports stadiums
For compounds, hotels, resorts, roads, squares, residential and commercial buildings
And for individuals interested in artificial grass in different governorates
Tartan, acrylic, red and vinyl floors, supplying all types of targets

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