How is turf landscaping made?

How is turf landscaping made?
How to make synthetic grass, and we will start with the same industrial components, which are chemicals
The artificial grass is made from it, and as we said before, the artificial grass is its origin
Polymers of chemicals “polypropylene” or “polyethylene” and these materials are in nature
Chemically inert, meaning it does not react with other substances
And as the manufacturing process begins, they convert the solid state with their polymers to the liquid state, and of course they do
Add the colors of the artificial grass, so you want to see it, it will be red, blue or yellow
For example, if you want green grass, the green color will be added.
After the polymers turn into a liquid, the liquid is placed in pressure molds and turns into threads
And the threads are damaged in bobbins and are ready for sewing.

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There are bristles for artificial grass, which are single, double, and others, and this, of course, depends on each of the pressing moulds.
The stage of carpet production or the layer in which the artificial turf will be sewn, and it will be two layers
Plastic, and its durability bike is made of strong nylon, and it is wrapped with fabric and plastic threads in order to be able to withstand the lifespan.
This is how we prepare the filaments for the synthetic grass, as well as the carpet that will be sewn on.
And we enter the sewing stage, and this is done, of course, through special sewing machines, and it will be a sewing needle
The machine is about 15 cm, and it is considered one of the largest sewing machines in the world of carpets, and it includes more than 500 spools of thread at one time.
Of course, after sewing, there will be a process of heating and welding, and there is a layer of nylon, and this will be a layer
Protection because there is no separation between the bristles and the fabric.
That’s why we have artificial turf. How to make sure that it is suitable for sports stadiums?
This will be the last stage, which is the quality stage, in which a sample of the artificial grass will be cut and orphaned
Put it under a test machine for 40 hours, and if the sample is positive, this indicates that the artificial turf
Capable of playing under standard conditions for 5 years.
And of course, after confirming the quality, the rolls are wrapped and ready for installation in sports stadiums.
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