Hard Acrylic Specifications

General specifications of acrylic products

Product specific features:
1- stamina
2 – ideal cost.
3- Resistant to weather conditions
4- Impermeable to water
5- Thickness of the final product from 2: 6 mm upon request.
6 – Resistant to friction and ultraviolet rays.
7- Its colors are bright and multi-colored 4 colors.
8 – Preventive maintenance only.

Description :

General specifications of hard acrylic products

It is a product manufactured from imported transparent acrylic materials and colored according to the customer’s desires (red-blue-green) under the supervision of our company and conforming to the standard specifications according to the tests of the National Research Center. The product is supplied and installed from several layers and is distinguished from the hard product by focusing on the construction specifications and raw materials. The product is supplied and installed on a completely flat floor of asphalt or concrete with complete level and tendencies in the direction of drainage. The product consists of a number of layers according to the required thickness as follows

First class
It is a layer of primer mixed in a special way in order to fill the pores, if any, on the floor and to receive the acrylic layers.

second layer
It is a layer of heavy colored acrylic re sibase of a thick consistency and mixed with grains of silica sand and in the desired color using a squeegee.

third layer
It is also a layer of thick colored acrylic re sibase mixed with rapper powder to absorb partial shocks and in the desired color using a squeegee.

fourth layer
Make a light-textured acrylic layer of red-green colored acrylic color coat with the surface smoothing.

Fifth layer
Making a final layer of light colored acrylic color coat in order to intensify the colors of the stadiums and increase their strength to withstand weather factors.

It is made of polyurethane in the required color that is resistant to various weather factors and is planned according to the required standards.

protection layer
It is a transparent layer that is placed after planning with the aim of protecting the stadium from sunlight, rain and temperatures and gives a degree of gloss to the playing field and makes it more beautiful.

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