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General and complete technical specifications of the tartan

Product specific features:
1- Durability.
2 – ideal cost.
3- Resistant to weather factors.
4- Impermeable to water.
5- Thickness of the finished product from 2.5 mm: 25 mm upon request.
6 – Resistant to friction and ultraviolet rays.
7- Its colors are bright and multi-colored 4 colors.
8 – Preventive maintenance only.

Description :

Tartan Technical Specifications

Tartan floors are executed on a completely flat floor of concrete or asphalt with a slope of at least 5 cm in the short direction of the playground or the track towards the drainage (must be implemented)
Individual layer of primer to isolate asphalt or concrete from the base layer of tartan, which is made of acrylic or transparent polyurethane and works as a bonding layer with asphalt or concrete, and this is done by spraying or in another way, such as the spaces for that.
Laying a layer of rubber rubber granules size 3 mm (SPR) mixed with transparent polyurethane (American origin) approved for this type of flooring and making a layer with a final thickness of 13 mm according to the principles of industry.
Spread a pore-filling layer of transparent betadine rubber over the entire pitch.
Make a final layer of the product in red or the desired color with colored betadine rubber and mixed with rubber granules size from 1 to 4 mm.
Individual and paint a layer of colored ruber or transparent beta-den, as a final layer for the product and to protect the surface from friction, wilderness, sunlight, rain and the like, by spraying or in special areas.

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