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Distinguished in Landscape Services

Distinguished in Landscape Services
Make the view of your villa better when you make a landscape of Green Grass for it with the best quality and at very special prices per meter, Not only that, if you have a nursery and want to make a garden for it, we will help you to do it because we will do it to the fullest
The complete equipment of the stadiums requires a lot of work and extraordinary effort in order to be able to reach in the end a form, quality and material that will last with you for as long as possible.
Implementation period: 5 days
Special offers and prices for schools
Green Grass Company
We offer all our valued customers the best offers
Stadium preparation services
Management, operation and construction of stadiums
Equipping sports facilities and their accessories

Description :

Because we specialize in the construction of acrylic stadiums and tartan stadiums
Also approved by the European Union and FIFA
– The company has implemented more than 300 small five-a-side stadiums and 50 large legal stadiums
We also offer our valued customers installation and supply services
– Industrial Landscape
– artificial turf
As well as equipping and constructing swimming pools
Garden equipment:
(Villas – palaces and tourist resorts – schools – universities)
landscaping services
– Equipping the covered halls
– Equipping the gyms
Our mission is to provide sports solutions
Which creates an attractive environment for exercising with a distinctive level of quality
At a lower cost and on time to meet the needs of our customers
We excel in providing after-sales services and implementation by following up on our customers

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