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The floors used in basketball courts, in open courts or covered halls, vary with the variety of materials used, whether acrylic “solid” floors in open courts…

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Green Grass Group provides volleyball courts for indoor halls, starting from the design according to international specifications to the implementation of the stadium in an integrated manner through highly qualified professional technicians, as it offers vinyl and tartan flooring systems from the brands, which are systems that are flexible in addition to absorbing the shocks of the players’ feet and ensuring a stable bounce of the ball Suitable for sports activity, whether amateur or professional. In addition to providing luxuries and facilities such as nets, fan chairs, scoreboards and approved balls, volleyball courts are designed according to the areas approved by the International Volleyball Federation, where these stadiums can be established according to the available space for each client.
Typical area 15 x 24 m2
All indoor volleyball court systems and solutions
A safe surface for players, absorbing the shocks of the players’ feet and a stable bounce of the ball
It is a long life flooring
Internationally accredited systems
Ease of installation, cleaning and maintenance
Indoor Flooring Systems
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Open volleyball courts

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