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artificial turf

artificial turf
What is artificial turf?
It is a fabric that has all the characteristics and advantages of the natural grass, as this is due to the accuracy of manufacturing the fabric made of it, in addition to the invention of the surrounding mixture consisting of silica sand mixed with rubber granules, which gives the feeling and texture of the natural grass.

Description :

Its features:
It is characterized by the stability of color and shape without the need for care. Where it is considered a typical alternative to all the problems of the natural gossip.
It is also characterized by its resistance to atmospheric factors and weather changes. And not to take off the hairs from the roots.
It is also characterized by ease and speed of installation.
It is also characterized by not being harmful to the environment in the case of its manufacture, such as FIFA specifications.
Its low cost.
– Low maintenance.
Ease and speed of installation.
Resistance to weather factors and its changes.
– Not changing its color or removing the hair from its roots with the passage of time (note that the life span of this grass is 15-20 years and may increase and may decrease according to use and the type of surface in playgrounds or gardens, so it decreases in playgrounds and increases in gardens).
– It prevents players injuries to a large extent in the case of proper installation.
It makes it easier to roll the ball on him and thus score more goals.

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