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An estimate for the construction of an artificial turf field

An estimate for the construction of an artificial turf field
First the project name: Full artificial grass pitch
Second, the project structure: Artificial turf field consists of
Land, civil works, blacksmithing works, electrical works, networking works, artificial turf
Average plot of land: 20 * 40 square meters

Description :

blacksmith work
Installation of 6 triple towers, 8 meters high, 3 inches, 2 millimeters

Electricity works
It is 24 LED spotlights, 200 watts, original Swedish copper cables, in addition to the main board, which consists of a main breaker of 100 amps and the switches of the searchlights are complete.

civil works
Leveling and tamping the earth and brushing the layer of dachshum age 6 on a thickness of 20 cm, then a layer of 5 cm of confectionery sand is spread, and finally, a central roundabout is established around the playground

network work
Silk netting around the entire stadium on a thickness of 5 mm, and 3 wires are installed to tighten 2 colors for the entire stadium

Synthetic grass works
Turkish synthetic turf, first class, hair length 5 cm on a moderate density, suitable for rubber and silica sand. Fifa-certified synthetic turf is installed with a guarantee from the company and the factory

monthly expenses
Electricity, cleaner, reservation manager, maintenance, playing balls

Simple working steps
Renting or buying land suitable for making an artificial turf field
A stadium supply company is contracted to make the stadium
A marketing plan is being made for the governorate via the Internet or through banners in the streets of the area
After the opening of the stadium, a specific administrative plan is made to start renting the stadium
How to profit from the project
The price of renting the stadium in the morning hours ranges between 50 and 70 pounds
The price of renting the stadium in the evening hours ranges between 100 and 120 pounds
Feasibility study at least: The morning hours will be calculated at 40 pounds, and the evening hours will be calculated at 90 pounds
The average reservation in the morning is 4 hours, and the average reservation at night is 4 hours, and this is less
Daily gain from morning hours: 160 pounds
Daily gain from evening hours: 360 EGP
The total daily gain, morning and evening: 520 pounds
Noticeable : Deduct 20 pounds per day as a cleaner’s salary
So the daily profit of the field: 500 pounds
The net profit per month is converted into: 15 thousand pounds, at least, for the number of hours and the cost
After the first year, your net profit will turn into: 180 thousand pounds
Other expenses: Electricity, stadium management, maintenance, and football
These expenses are covered by
Koura schools
Reservations for ball and strength schools such as Karate and Kung
The stadium cafeteria
Billiards and ping pong table
A room for electronic games such as PlayStation, etc
Expected budget for the project
The full budget for the establishment of an artificial grass stadium ranges from 260 thousand pounds to 290 thousand pounds

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