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Advantages of artificial turf for playgrounds

Turkish, Emirati and Dutch artificial turf
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The advantages of artificial turf We often hear about artificial grass and that it is better than natural grass, and it is indeed a fact. Artificial grass is distinguished from natural grass for more than one reason. The artificial grass is characterized by color and shape stability, so it does not need to be taken care of. All it needs is cleaning from time to time only with a vacuum cleaner. It is considered less The cost of natural grass, as it does not need continuous expenses. It is possible to paste artificial grass on all types of cement, rocky or even sandy floors. The artificial grass withstands harsh climatic conditions of cold or extreme heat. The artificial grass is characterized by a beautiful green color that is uniform for the whole grass, as well as the length of the grass

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It is characterized by its ease and speed of installation, so large green areas can be obtained in a short time, unlike natural grass, which needs a lot of time to germinate the grass, and artificial grass can be installed in any season of the year

We also have Turkish, Dutch and Emirati artificial turf. It is used in landscape works for landscaping, decoration, home gardening, roofs, villas, all industrial floors, schools, nurseries, restaurants, cafes, and everything related to green spaces and playgrounds at the highest quality and lowest price and 8 years guarantee, quality, warranty and best prices

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