What is wall grass made of?

Artificial turf was invented in 1960 and consists of high quality polyethylene, polypropylene backing and latex spray. When manufactured, polyethylene is heated, color is added and other materials resistant to sunlight, so that the artificial grass can withstand harsh climatic conditions and is formed in many shapes to suit all uses. It is optimal in places where it is not suitable to grow natural grass, such as concrete or rocky lands, but currently there is a tendency to use it in new cities, where interior designers accept and establish it in villa gardens to increase the beauty of swimming pools and entrances to homes.

Description :

The wall grass has many advantages, including:
Maintains a constant internal temperature
Giving a new decorative look, similar to natural grass
It is not affected by weather conditions
It does not need care like natural plants, no cutting and spraying
Helps preserve the environment because it does not need to use insecticides
Using it several times, it can be moved from one place to another
Its long life, in addition to not changing its color or tearing its hairs or leaves
Easy to clean and rarely needs maintenance

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