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Ramadan offer 2019

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Now you can work your playground at cost
On the occasion of the advent of the month of goodness, the holy month of Ramadan, and also the passage of 8 years in the Egyptian market, Green Grass decided to offer an initiative for all Egyptian youth. Now you can make an artificial grass field 22 * 42 international legal with these specifications

Description :

6 triple towers 2 mm 3 inches high 9 meters + 18 mesh pipes 2 mm 3 inches high 9 meters

2 commission goal crossbars, according to the global net sizes

Electricity works
20 LED spotlights 200 watt 3 years warranty with the highest specifications

network work
Imported silk netting with a two-year guarantee and the surprise free ceiling grille

civil works
Single layer of Daqshoum age 6 on a thickness of 15 cm and the layer of Halawani sand on a thickness of 4 cm with a guarantee of 8 years

Synthetic grass works
Turkish artificial grass corresponding to the specifications, 5 cm, with a guarantee of 8 years, 5 tons of berber + 30 tons of silica sand

All this is only 260 thousand and at a discount of 25 thousand from market prices and we challenge the specifications

Now, until February 28, prepare an artificial turf field with the previous specifications

And if you want a feasibility study for the project, you will find it with us for free or a free inspection. Order us now

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