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The best offers on the occasion of the approaching month of Ramadan
Discounts on garden grass and playground grass
Up to 20% throughout the holy month of Shaban and Ramadan
And also a 10% discount on adhesive, tape and installation materials
We have high quality Turkish, Dutch, Chinese and Emirati artificial turf for gardens
From 2 cm to 5 cm high density 5 years warranty
We have Turkish and Dutch artificial turf for high-density stadiums, with an 8-year guarantee, and it is certified by FIFA.
The artificial turf is characterized by the stability of color and shape without the need to care. where is considered an alternative model for each
Natural grass problems

Description :

It also features:
It does not harm the environment in the case of its manufacture, such as FIFA specifications
low cost
lack of maintenance
Ease and speed of installation
Resistant to weather factors and its changes
Not changing its color or pulling out the hair from its roots over time

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