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The strongest, most beautiful, and most beautiful artificial grass fence

With a 15% discount, the strongest, hottest and most beautiful artificial grass fence
For the first time in Egypt and the Arab world, the strongest, most elegant and most beautiful artificial grass fence, the artificial grass fence of your villa, for the fences of homes, the fences of the clubs, and for all the fences, undisputedly, the most beautiful in Green Grass Group

Description :

Advantages of artificial turf fences
1 High degree of security and privacy up to 100%
2 anti-insect treatment
3 Easy to clean
4 Resistant to all erosion factors
5 Helps the air to pass naturally
6 It is installed on all types of walls and fences
7 anti-ultraviolet rays
8 fire retardant treatment
9 minimum installation period
10 We cover everywhere in Egypt
Green Grass Group Company
Landscape design and implementation experts for homes and villas
And major projects and artificial grass fences
Decreased execution time
Environmentally friendly treatment against insects, bacteria, ultraviolet rays and fire

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