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Implementation of Badel stadiums

Al-Badil stadiums can be made of artificial grass in a large number of colors, but the common and widespread color is blue, and the lines of the stadium are determined by blue and white.

The artificial turf used in the padel stadiums in Egypt is made of polyethylene. The length of the synthetic turf’s hair is determined between 1.5 cm to 2 cm. The synthetic turf stitches are made of propylene.

The basic layer of the land of the Al-Badil Stadium in Egypt:

The basic layer of the padel stadiums in Egypt is characterized by solidity and is not specified by a specific type, but it is required that it be capable of being used by an individual and the installation of the artificial grass layer. And it must be flat and not have slopes or protrusions, meaning that the surface is flat.

From the above, the playing field is described as a flat surface layer topped with a layer of artificial turf.


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